#3 They don’t write ‘sup’ as their first message

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How do you even find love? Is it on Tinder? Or Bumble? Or a whole other app? We all know that the only way to meet people is online. No one meets outside anymore. And not because of lockdown. But because we’ve finally learned that a lack of personality can be remedied by the use of the right set of emojis.

From the perspective of a total couch potato

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Now that we’re in the middle of yet another lockdown, I have been feeling particularly motivated. I will start exercising again, I decide. And I decide this every single day.


You’re just two steps away from Stephen Hawking

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Not to brag or anything, but I have been told all my life that I’m super intelligent. That I’m a smart cookie. That my IQ is through the roof.


#2: Binge all of Married at First Sight Australia

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I have been in education for 18 years now. Eighteen years. My academic career is so old it can get piss drunk and accidentally marry a stranger on a night out.


Confessions of a kosmemophobic

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My phone has this thing where it recommends news articles I might be interested in. It’s based on some algorithm overseeing my internet history, which is scary. Especially considering most of these recommended articles are either about murder or Rupaul’s Drag Race.


One thousand percent not worth your time

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I have to self-isolate. For two weeks. Again.

Don’t drag yourself down. Lift yourself up.

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I’ve always been terrible at practising self-love. I find it way too easy to get swept away in the rush of life and forget to treat myself right. It’s something I’ve been struggling with ever since I can remember.

Remember you’re not the villain (but you’re not the victim either)

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At the beginning of 2020, I’d never thought I’d be writing this — but here we are. This year has been unforgettable in many ways for us all. But putting all global events aside, 2020 has brought a lot of surprises to my personal life, too — one of the most painful being that I fell out with a friend.

I lost actual memories because I dreaded being queer.

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When I was 14, I met this girl. I fell for her hard and fast.

No queers in small towns

This all happened years ago. Back then, I lived in a…

You should, and here’s why and how

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I have had this discussion many times with my fellow writer friends. Should you explicitly state your character’s sexuality in your writing?

The default

When I talk about a character’s sexuality, I mean it in the case that the said character is LGBTQ+. It wouldn’t make much sense to have this conversation about straight characters. That is because, unfortunately, being straight is still seen as the default. If there is no mention of a character’s sexuality in a text, it will likely be assumed that the character is straight. …

Veronika Jel

24 | UK | she/her | writer, tv enthusiast, and an aspiring time traveller

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